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Here’s how you can optimize your crosshair color to get the best visibility in Apex Legends.


Apex Legends is a visually striking game. It can be tricky to have a clear view with all the effects and different legends. This makes the crosshair you use very important. This is one of your settings that can make a big difference to your game, you can miss shots due to poor visibility. Using the best Apex Legends scope can greatly improve your performance.

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You couldn’t always change the crosshair color in Apex. However, the game eventually allowed it. Players can make crosshair customization part of their personal Apex Legends Customization . However, it is difficult to choose one color that is suitable for each region. The best Apex scope color isn’t immediately obvious, but there are some options that are better than others.


Some possible sights are terrible. They can make it difficult to properly track enemies against different colored backgrounds. You may end up using a scope with poor visibility or one that gets in the way. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the best Apex Legends crosshair settings, why those picks are stronger, and what settings top Apex pros use.


Choosing an Apex Legends scope comes down to a few factors. With the more recent Kings Canyon map changes along with other locales, you should make sure your crosshair is perfectly visible in different settings and lighting areas.


Apex Legends’ perfect crosshair should make it easier to track enemies in more varied areas and lighting conditions. There are several colors that do this. Here are some options for the best Apex Legends crosshair:



  • RGB hex code: 255, 35, 208


The purple color is clearly visible against the background of most locations in the game. It doesn’t have the disadvantage of being muddy against green, it’s equally noticeable against other types of areas in the game.



  • RGB hex code: 2, 255, 200


Turquoise works great in most areas. This one is clearly visible around the fire, stone, most buildings and almost the entire map. The main drawback is more open grassy areas. They don’t affect the map too much, but the Apex Legends crosshair in this color is clearly visible.


bright red

  • RGB hex code: 218, 0, 0


The Bright Reed is one of the easiest picks in the game, but it’s one of the best Apex Legends reticles. This one is visible on almost all maps and areas in them. If you’re in a place with little lava, it might not be too clear. Although this is a rare occurrence.


Crosshair customization options are a bit hidden in the game. You may not have gone through this initially when setting up the best Apex Legends settings. If you haven’t changed or adjusted the crosshair, you can change it like this:


  • Go to settings
  • Then the gameplay
  • Change the “Reticle” setting to customize


All customization on how to change the Apex Legends crosshair is hidden in this settings tab. Once you go through it, you will find a color wheel. This allows you to choose the color of the crosshair. The game has several presets. There are a few specific colors that work best for the game.

You can also change the crosshair color through the launcher. To do this, you open settings by right-clicking Apex in Steam. However, it is quite simple to change it in the game.


Here are some of the best Apex Legends scopes. However, many players may just want to see what the top pro players are using. The best Apex players compete at the highest level in crazy tournaments like the Global Series . They have different needs, but they use crosshair colors to provide good visibility for this level of play.


We’re going to be reviewing the crosshair colors of some of Apex Legends’ top pro players. Along with which scopes some of the best streamers in the game use. Here are some of the best picks.






Albraleli is an Apex Legends player who has achieved great success while playing for TSM. Most recently, he was part of a team that took first wins at events such as the Code Red Charity Tournament, the opening of ALGS Online, and the Official Invitations for Apex. Here’s what he uses as a scope:


  • RGB hex code: 255, 108, 203




ImperialHal is Apex Legends best crosshair color


ImperialHal is one of the most famous players in Apex Legends. He is a top notch professional. Playing for TSM, he is part of a team that has won several splits for the ALGS and also placed well in the 2022 championship. However, ImerpailHal is also a streamer. He regularly tops the charts of the most played players on this platform. His Apex scope is a great example of what the highest level players use. This is one of his recent color options.

  • RGB hex code: 765, 0, 765



Nick "NICKMERCS" Kolcheff sits at the broadcast setup in his FaZe Clan sweatshirt, addressing the camera for his fans.


Nickmercs is a major streamer that plays several different games. He is known for Warzone. However, he also plays well at the top. His crosshair color seems to be moving, but the streamer used that color quite often. This is one of the most visible and best Apex Legends crosshair colors.

  • RGB hex code: 2, 255, 200


His Watson

HisWattson is Apex Legends best crosshair color


HisWattson is another major Apex Legends streamer. He is mainly known for this game and has a huge following on Twitch. It uses a bright red color for the scope.

  • RGB hex code: 218, 0, 0


Sweet Dreams

Sweetdreams is Apex Legends best crosshair color


Sweetdreams is the latest Apex Legends professional scope we’ll be looking at. It uses slightly different code for the scope. It’s a little different from the others here. However, some players may find it ideal for their needs.

  • RGB hex code: 200, 250, 1250


These are some of the Apex scope colors used by the pros in the game and recommendations for choosing the best Apex Legends scope in general. The choice of color ultimately comes down to personal preference. However, all of these recommendations here make a good choice. They should give you better visibility on the various maps in the game.


Open up the Settings menu and scroll down the Gameplay tab until you find the Reticle section. Click the Customize option to open up the Reticle Color selection screen. Either choose one of the four pre-made color options or use the color sliders to fine-tune your choice.

magenta RGB hex code: 255, 35, 208


To change your crosshair colour, you need to head into your settings in the game. You can do this mid-match, but it's much safer to do it while you are in the main menu. Once you open up the settings menu, scroll down until you find the "Reticle" setting.

Avoid using yellow, blue, and red for your reticle as many in-game elements use the same color, making it difficult to see. Your best option is lime green. It is very easy to spot and looks awesome, not to mention a number of professional players use this particular color.

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